logo_adg1Acquario di Genova is the largest aquarium in Italy, boasting the richest exposition of water biodiversity in Europe. You can dive into over seventy eco-systems.
In terms of exhibitive tanks and animal species, every year, from its inauguration to today, new spaces and species that represent environments to preserve await for the public for new exciting and educational experiences. From manatees that originated the myth of mermaids to the famous dolphins, funny penguins and the large sea predators – sharks – Jelly fish, seals, colourful fish of the coral reef and ray fish that can be touched complete the offer of one of the most beautiful city attractions. Depart with us for a journey that will fill your heart with emotions and a deep sense of respect for the sea. Read more


The largest and most innovative sea museum in the Mediterranean: a reconstruction of a 16th century, 33-metre long Genoa galley and an 18th century brigantine-schooner, six thousand original objects in the twenty three display cases of Galata for a full immersion in navigation history. The travel experience continues with the great ocean-crossing of Italian emigrants onboard steam boats directed towards America, Brazil and Argentina, with a glimpse on today’s emigration/ immigration phenomenon. Navigation above and under the water, with the exclusive tour at Nazario Sauro submarine, first ship-museum in Italy that can be visited in water.
The Galata Museo del Mare managed by Costa Edutainment is owned by the Municipality of Genoa that administers it and looks after the artistic, scientific and cultural aspects through Mu.MA – Istituzione Musei del Mare e delle Migrazioni. Read more


To learn about an unknown and charming land.
At the discovery of the Italian base in Antarctica and the most suggestive scenarios through films, reconstructions and scientific finding. Interactive and advanced displays will allow you to discover the last uncontaminated continent and to follow the activity of Italian researches in Antarctica, the vast natural laboratory to study environmental and climatic problems. Read more


A ‘’drop’’ of steel and glass suspended over the sea, which hosts vegetable and animal species coming from tropical forests threatened by human exploitation. You will be able to view them from close, admire their fragile beauty and understand how their survival also depends on you. You will also be able to see rare specimen of tropical trees: in addition to the famous ferns, perhaps the largest in the world cultivated inside vase, there are also some other plants traditionally exploited by men, such as gum, coffee and cocoa. This small but rich botanical garden where birds, amphibians and reptiles circulate freely, represents the beauty, complexity and fragility of tropical forests. Read more


A panoramic lift offering a 360° view on Porto Antico di Genova. Bigo was designed by architect Renzo Piano to offer you an amazing aerial view of one of the largest historical centres of Europe, rich of art. The lift cabin features an audio system and panels in Italian, English, French and German that describe the bell towers, towers, the typical slate roofs and ancient and modern buildings that stand out from the maze of “caruggi”. The comments on the history of the Ancient Port Area and Historical Centre are accompanied by a pleasant music background. Read more