19th Power Systems Computation Conference – PSCC 2016

Conference scope
The Power Systems Computation Conference addresses theoretical developments and computational aspects with respect to power systems applications. There is an emphasis on modelling and simulation for understanding a system of components, plants or actors, the interactions between them and their collective behaviour, and methods to inform decision-making in power systems.
Contributions might comment on the analytical techniques, modelling challenges and complex software engineering issues, or what the analyses say in respect of today’s and the future’s power systems challenges. Thus, papers from utility and manufacturing industry engineers are just as welcome as those from academic researchers.

List of topics
The following list of topics is not exhaustive but is offered in order to help prospective authors identify what is likely to be in scope.

puntino Assessment of system issues in the presence of uncertainty and unbundling
cerchietto Asset management, condition monitoring and diagnostics
cerchietto Massive integration of highly-variable renewable energy resources into power systems
cerchietto Optimisation techniques applied to power systems planning
cerchietto Planning of distributed storage systems
cerchietto Power systems economics, energy markets and regulation
cerchietto Power systems reliability and security
cerchietto System planning and development
cerchietto Uncertainty and risk management methods
puntino Modelling and analysis of a power system’s performance and its control
cerchietto Blackout prevention and system restoration
cerchietto Control centre technologies, energy management systems
cerchietto Distributed storage systems operation and control
cerchietto Distribution systems monitoring, operation and control
cerchietto Integration of demand-side management: definition of control schemes, performance assessment and protocols
cerchietto Modelling of electro-magnetic transients
cerchietto Power electronics and HVDC
cerchietto Power quality
cerchietto Power system protection
cerchietto Power systems dynamics and operation
cerchietto Virtual power plants
cerchietto Wide-area monitoring and control

puntino Integrated modelling and operation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in power systems
cerchietto Cyber security in power systems operation and control
cerchietto ICT-driven intelligent and autonomous controls
cerchietto Modelling of cyber-physical energy and communication systems
puntino Data analysis and computation
cerchietto Data-driven modelling techniques for power systems
cerchietto Machine learning, statistics and computational intelligence
cerchietto Management and utilization of large data sets
cerchietto Mathematical and computational issues in modelling and simulation

The techniques considered include:

puntino Modelling and simulation
puntino Optimization and mathematical programming
puntino Uncertainty & risk management methods
puntino Control theory
puntino Communication technology
puntino Signal processing
puntino Computational intelligence including evolutionary techniques, Artificial Neural Networks etc.
puntino Machine learning and statistics
puntino Semantic web technologies